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Losing a loved one can be a very painful experience. Aside from coping with the emotional grief, the bereaved family will also need to sort out financial and legal obligations left by the deceased loved one. In addition, sharing and dividing assets following the death of a loved one can be very emotionally draining and legally complicated, especially if there are many persons involved. 'Probate' refers to the right to deal with or administer a deceased person's legal affairs - usually with regards to estate. Different terms are frequently used depending on whether the deceased person has left a last will or not.

For many people, inheriting a property leaves them with more problems. Selling your inherited properties can be very advantageous in the long term. Here are just some of the advantages of selling your property to us.


A deceased person often leaves a number of unsettled liabilities such as taxes, debts and claims from creditors. In most cases, liquidating the assets of the deceased offers the best solution to your problems. If you agree to sell your property to one of our cash buyers now, we can hasten the home sale process, allowing you to get necessary funds to pay off outstanding liabilities. We guarantee to purchase your property and we'll assist you in any legal work that you need to get through.


In case the last will have a number of beneficiaries and heirs, it is best to monetize the property and divide it among the heirs. The heirs can make the most out of the money. In addition, most heirs are not keen in taking up or residing in the property. Usually, heirs have their own houses or properties and adding these inherited properties only means additional mortgage, maintenance fees and taxes.


As mentioned earlier, a probate property can only add to your headache. It can turn out to be a liability instead of an asset because of the additional expenses of managing and maintaining the house. As soon as you take ownership of the property, you will have additional burdens and responsibilities that include possible renovation and repair costs, monthly mortgage payments and property taxes, not mentioning utilities. These reasons can make you think twice about owning the property.


We can make the entire process of selling your probate property quickly and efficiently. After you call us, one of our specialists will assess and evaluate your property. You'll receive an offer within 48 hours and get your cash in as short as 3 days. If our offer sounds good to you, then call us now and have your property assessed. And since you do not need to go through an estate agent, you save on estate agency fees.

It is our aim to help you deal with your probate property. In order for the process to begin, simply call us and talk with one of our specialists TODAY.

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