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Are you facing repossession? If you are reading this then you have taken a positive step to solving your problem. Many people face repossession for all sorts of reasons, many through no or little fault of their own - sadly, if financial difficulties has placed you in this situation, often it is easier to just put your head in the sand and not deal with the pending repossession. It can be a great stress on anyone, receiving demands for money and payments that you just don't have, and when court letters arrive, some people don't even attend which can make matters worse.

What Happens if I get Repossessed

Some people do not know the if a pending repossession goes through, the eviction process is a terrible ordeal, one that should be avoided at all cost, especially if you have children of any age. If that wasn't enough, your property could be sold at auction by the lenders, and if, which is likely in this bad housing market to well below market value, and at worse below what you owe on your mortgage. If that happens the court letters and the demands for payments can still keep coming, often time bankruptcy is at the end of that road. Stop repossession at all costs.

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