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    Why Waste Time

    Many people do not know that only half the properties on marketed last year actually sold. Properties sold through an estate agent can take months to be sold, even after an offer has been place on it.

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    Speed and Certainty

    Selling your property fast on the open market is often an experience that can be difficult and frustrating. Here at iPropertyBuyers, we provide an easier way. We offer tailored packages to people who want to sell a house or flat with certainty and speed.

About Us


I Property Buyers meets the needs of the current property market. Selling a house on the open market, can often be a long, tiresome, expensive and time consuming and time wasting process. There really is no other way to guarantee to a timely and guaranteed sale, without companies providing our service.

Whether you are going through;

  •   - A divorce
  •   - Probate
  •   - Emigrating
  •   - Financial Difficulties
  •   - Change of Circumstance
  •   - In a Chain
  •   - In arrears
  •   - Facing Repossession

We help people in many different situations, who may not have 9, 12 months to wait to complete a sale.

We can even help people who are in negative equity.

We have simplified the procedure for selling your home quickly. After you agree on a purchase price, we put the offer in writing and obtain a survey from the RICs surveyor, once the valuation has been completed, the offer price will not change, and the purchase is completed within 28 days.

We also purchase commercial properties and industrial estates, as well as being quick land buyers, we buy any land with or without planning permission

We Can Help you Sell your House Fast

We buy property throughout the Uk, from Streatham to all of Scotland, and Tooting to Torquay and Devon, Leicester to Luton, regardless how central or remote your property or land is, we can help you get great price and a quick sale, so you can relax and rest assured, we have helped thousands of sellers in your situation and we can help you to, complete an online form, or give us a call to see how we can. Estate agents, bless them, can simply take to long, we are hear providing a much needed service. Completing a form is the quickest way to help us help you, become another person we have help.
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