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No Equity? No Problems
When the economy is good, home values increase, adding to your equity. But with the terrible state of the Western economy, there has been a steady decline in home prices. As a matter of fact, there are many homeowners who are now faced with low equity, or even no equity. This is certainly a disheartening experience. You pay your monthly mortgage bills to build your home equity but the declining market seems to drain it at a much faster rate.

Our company understands the plight of countless homeowners who have less or zero equity. As such, we have developed different solutions that can property sellers will truly find helpful.

For some people, selling their property is simply neither possible nor a preferential option. This is especially true for properties with little or zero equity in it. If you are finding a hard time keeping up with your mortgage and you want to stop it, then we can help you through a process we call Lease Options. This is a quick and surefire solution to your problem.

How We Do It?
For example, you own a house that you want to sell very quickly. The most logical option would be to find an estate agent and have him find a buyer. But the problem is that the market condition is very poor and the over-supply of properties means you will need to wait a long time before your house can be sold. In order to make your house more marketable, the estate agency would recommend lowering down the price. Unfortunately, if your property has zero or negative equity, this would be impossible.

We offer a better way out of this problem – Lease Option. In this process, we will take over the mortgage payments and maintenance costs of your property until home prices have recovered. Usually, it would take five to ten years for estate prices to rise sufficiently. Once paperwork is completed –as short as 7 days – you can move out of your house, leaving behind all the financial burdens that go with it.

We will appoint an independent solicitor who will represent you and pay for any legal fees that arise. The parties agree on a given time period for which to fulfill the obligation,which normally ranges between 3 to 7 years. Until then, we can choose to purchase the house at a given price.

Basically, what we do is to "lease" your house by paying your mortgage and look after all aspects of the house. In return, you give us the "option" to purchase the property from you in the future. This offers a win-win solution for both the buyer and seller.

What is great about this deal is that you are absolutely free from any obligations throughout the duration of the agreement. Technically, it works just like selling your house with zero equity but with less hassle.

Lease options are often recommended for different situations that include:
  • - Having a problem paying mortgage arrears
  • - Facing a repossession proceedings
  • - Need to move out immediately and want to free current mortgage commitments
  • - Property has little or no equity at all
  • - Financial situation requires a lump sum of cash immediately
  • - Secure current market price
Perhaps, the best thing about this service is that it is free. Just imagine, you could be free from your mortgage obligations in as fast as seven days!

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