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Do you need a quick house sale?, for some people owning their home can be a good thing, but sometimes having a property can be a burden or even a liability. Sometimes life can move very quickly and circumstances can change in a short period of time and you may feel that you need to sell your property quickly, so that you can move on with you life.
There are many reasons why you may have to sell your house quickly, and the usual way of selling a house does not help people in that way. If you have put your house on the market with an estate agent, even a quick sale estate agents, the sale can still be a slow process. Even if you have been fortunate enough to have an offer on your property.

Quick Selling Throught Estate Agents

What allot of sellers don't know and estate agents don't normally say, is that less than 50% of the property advertised on Right Move last year actually sold, some properties have been on the market for 18 months 2 years and longer, not good news for someone who wants to sell their home quickly.

Sometimes the problem is not an unrealistic price set the estate agent, that they say to get your business, it's only natural as they know they are competition with other estate agents for your business, they have to be optimistic, your unlikely to place your house to sell, with an estate agent that doesn't think it is going to sell.

Sometimes the problem is buyers, cannot get the finance needed to buy your house quickly, if at all. The housing market has not fully recovered from the recent crash, so the banks need high deposit sometime 25%, so that they are protected against possible future dips. Now which normal working person or couple has that amount of money saved, and that doesn't include legal fees - that is part of the problem, only the people who can afford or people with parental guarantees and access to government incentives, may be able to afford to buy, which is major issues.

Quick House Sale

If you need to sell your house quickly and need a quick house sale, we can help, we are cash buyers, who can purchase your house and complete in 28 days, we are able to help people in all kinds or circumstances and solve their problem of selling their house quickly, so that can move on with their life.

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