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    Selling your property fast on the open market is often an experience that can be difficult and frustrating. Here at iPropertyBuyers, we provide an easier way. We offer tailored packages to people who want to sell a house.

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    Many people do not know that only half the properties on marketed last year actually sold. Properties sold through an estate agent can take months to be sold, even after an offer has been place on it.

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    Selling your property fast on the open market is often an experience that can be difficult and frustrating. Here at iPropertyBuyers, we provide an easier way. We offer tailored packages to people who want to sell a house or flat with certainty and speed.

Why You May Have to Evict Your Tenant


Will I have to Resort to Eviction

One of the most common reasons that landlords would want to evict there tenant is for non payment of rent or rent arrears.

And the most common reason for this, is a change of circumstance for your tenants - does this happen often, yes, very often it could be that the tenant has lost their job or housing benefits rules change -whatever the reason it has a direct impact on your tenants ability to pay the rent, and even the most understanding landlords will have to begin the process to evict their tenant.

Why don't the just leave

We get allot of calls from landlords that have tenants that are genuinely nice people, and can't understand why they don't just leave - I mean they know that they are not paying the rent, right!.

Well not exactly, if they just leave your property, they have literally ruined any chance of being re housed, yes that is right they will have a small chance of being re housed, regardless of their need or situation. Why, you ask. Because if they leave before being evicted, the council will view that they have made themselves voluntarily homeless. Don't take our word for it, google it.

What Advice Will Your Tenant Be Given

As nice as the tenant is, if the go to the Citizens Advice Bureau, even if the go to the Law Society, they advice they your tenant will be given, will be not to leave, until they are evicted. Shocking, but true. Everyone, in the know, knows this - even if you have a possession order for the tenant to leave by that date, even with a court order, the advice would be NOT to leave.

If you do not act, in full knowledge of the information above the above process could take you literally 6 months or more, if you complete forms incorrectly, to evict a tenant that is not paying rent. If your rent payments are 1500 per month, six months of not paying could put you at a loss of rental income 9000

Do you have a tenant that you would like to evict, but don't know how. The most common reason why landlords would want to evict a tenant is for none payment of rent, should be pretty straigh forward right!, wrong.
While there are more than a few websites giving different pieces of information and what to do, we haven't found one that gives you
  • 1) all the information
  • 2) all the forms that you would need
  • 3) tells you the pitfalls of using a High Court Enforcement Officer or CC Bailiff
  • 4)how to get a possession order
  • 5) Offers to do it all for you

We are approached by many accidental landlords, and people who have a few properties who want to sell but have a problem tenant. We have a great degree of success and promise a fast service if you would like us to manage this aspect for you, and you are under no obligation to sell your house to us, this is simply a standalone service, to help landlords.

We have produced an online guide that you will be able to follow to great success yourself - but we do know that it can take time to complete the forms, and has to be done correctly. It can take two months to get a hearing for a possession order, if any aspect is incorrect, you could lose the case and have to go through the process from the beginning potentially costing you another two months, and that is even if the tenant hasn't paid any rent. If for whatever reason you do not want to take the chance, we have a service where our staff will complete the forms, check the forms sent the notice to the tenant, send the possession claim to the court an if required instruct a high court enforcement officer to evict the tenant for you, and we do all this for a fixed fee.

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